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This is the Original Box, it does not allow for the bottom of the box to be shown.

Effect: A volunteer is chosen from the audience. They are told they will take place in a demonstration of how their strength can be altered through the power of suggestion. It is now suggested that a light weight silk will be a trigger to alter their ability to lift a very light box. An empty cardboard box is placed on a normal lightweight table.

The box is shown to the audience on every side and EXCEPT THE BOTTOM, as well as the inside. The silk is placed inside the box and the volunteer is asked to lift the box, but for some unexplained reason they are unable to lift the box.

Now the silk is removed from the box. And now the volunteer can easily pick up the box. This can be repeated as many times as you wish.

Everything is self contained in the lightweight box. No remote controls, magnets, special tables, stooges, or harnesses. It can be performed surrounded with no reset time. It works on most any table with no preparation.

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