Linking Rings 3 Ring Set
Linking Rings

Linking Ring 3-Ring Set 12″ Diameter – Porper


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A new generation of linking rings is here! Hand turned under Joe’s supervision to his exacting standards, we debuted these rings at the Magic Castle Swap Meet where they were an instant hit.

This is a BOLD -12-inch Diameter, 3-Ring Linking Ring Set that comes with a beautiful carrying case and a tremendous value of instructional and additional routines from Stevens Magic Emporium. There are only a few people that can really make them. And there is no question, in our view, that this set is truly unique among the very limited number of craftsmen who can make them.

Linking Rings

This really is more than a set of linking rings, highly polished and hefty feeling that is truly remarkable hence the name, “Master Key.” This set features a 1 inch a gap that is perfect for maximum deception. This will be a set you will treasure. We asked Scott Jenkins and Joe Porper to provide us with a special set of rings that would stand up to the most discriminating customer and he rose to the challenge. To make this an even better package, we are a including Ken Brooke Booklet that features the famous Al Koran 3- Ring Routine along with a free DVD featuring  Max Hapner (these extras are a $25 value). See below for more details.

Here are some quotes from people who worked with them at the Castle:

“These rings have the right weight, thickness, tone and texture. I have seen nothing that compares.” ~ JNeal

“Porper’s new rings are BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS.” ~ Pete Biro

Bonus:  More details about your FREE Bonus with purchase of the above set of rings.

A classic, poetic, beautiful piece of real magic – Demonstrated by Max Hapner.

Quite possibly the finest 3-ring routine ever created by Al Koran and part of the Ken Brooke Magic Range (Exclusive to Stevens Magic Emporium).

What makes this wonderful routine, is the fact that it ONLY uses three rings. Done to music – it is a poetic piece of magic – that highly entertains and mystifies. Max Hapner presents it with his professional skill and touches! Max was a Pro’s Pro as you will see on the Performance DVD. Easy to master – entertaining – and meets the criteria of today’s audience and tomorrows. You will want to learn this routine and use it for your performances.

Comes complete with Max Hapner’s Performance DVD and Ken Brooke Series Number 6 “Al Koran’s Three Silver Rings.” Even IF you use the classic routine with eight rings, you will love this one as well. Whey carry eight rings when you can entertain with only three? Al Koran was way ahead of his time.

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