Linking Rings – Whit POP Haydn’s 4 Ring Routine – Porper


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Whit “Pop” Haydn has secured his position as one of the most resecpted entertainers in the art.  A new generation of linking rings is here! Built by Scott Jenkins under Joe Porper’s supervision and to his exacting standards. These were debuted at the Magic Castle Swap Meet and were an instant hit! Both sets of these rings are 12 inches in diameter and are hand-turned from aircraft aluminum, invisibly welded and polished to a mirror finish. They are light, tough and ring like a bell—they will command attention! Each set features a one-inch gap that is perfect for maximum deception.  Learn just how much value you can get from a quality set of linking rings by working this time-tested routine.  This is truly a way to entertain in the modern age employing a classic piece of magic apparatus.  The Linking Rings are – TIMELESS! 

Each set comes with custom case and DVD of Whit “POP” Haydn’s 4-Ring routine!

Photo Credits: Billy Baque

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