Liquid Steel – Built by Dream Illusions

$4,500.00 $3,100.00

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Save $1,500 on the illusion – Comes with Wood Crate – Incredibly LOW Shipping in the Lower 48!  Are you Kidding Jack Murray?  Note: At this price they are built after the order is confirmed!  Estimate 4 weeks fabrication time.

The most visual walk thru effect on the magic/illusion market. This is NO Joke…. When I saw the video I was like – WHAT? So clean, so amazingly convincing! Matter Thru Matter Outdone!

Imagine performing the most visual walk thru effect. Now you can with liquid steel. The scene is set with a set of stocks in center stage. Magician carries out a “steel plank”, composed of five steel bars tightly banded together, onto the stage and lowers it into the stocks. The magician locks the plank into place so it does not move. Then the magician stands behind the stocks and lifts a cloth that only covers the middle section. The ends remain in full view at all times. The audience can see the hands, shoulders, feet, and the ends of the plank. The magician walks forward, melting right through the plank and drops the cloth to show that he/she has successfully liquefied thru steel.

Built by only a few Illusions builders we at Stevens Magic fully endorse – Jack Murray at Dream Illusions. You know it will be quality! About the price, it “may” be a little north of what our goal is lately for introducing more affordable illusions but there is simply NO way to reduce the cost on this one – it’s a real bear to make and assemble. For those of you looking for something that will make your audience jaws drop – you found it – and at an incredible price!

Insurance is additional $70 and may be required by the seller.  ATA cases are also available for an up-charge of $700.00  To avoid additional lift charges and shipping fee’s someone MUST help the driver unload the crate. 

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