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Steve Bryant’s latest book is a collection of routines created primarily for his performance in the nightspots of the “Little Egypt” section of Southern Illinois, where towns bear such names a Cairo, Thebes, and Karnak. To play in these challenging venues, the routines must be quick, direct and easy to follow. Most involve off-beat presentations guaranteed to be remembered. None use difficult sleight of hand, relying more on presentational nuances and subtle touches. As for the tricks themselves, all but one – a version of Milt Kort’s Coins Through Table – are card tricks. But these aren’t just your Uncle Ed’s card routines. They include a dark version of Spectator Cuts the Aces, Card to Zipper that makes hilarious use of a “Looong Card,” an eerie card rise, a card transposition using beer (or drink of your choice), a Haunted Pack routine involving a Houdini séance, several card to impossible locations including one to a belly button ring, a profane (and deceptive) version of the 21 Card Trick, a version of Everywhere and Nowhere using celebrities, and a routine in which a selected card is found in an apple (and uses a Super Soaker – you don’t see many tricks like that!), and much, much more. Please DO NOT purchase this book if you are easily offended by adult themes and language.

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