Live Kidbiz 2 – More Funny Magic (Ginn) (Book & DVD)


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NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD! Yes, he’s back! Magician David Ginn has returned from his cross-Georgia tours with more kidbiz fun! During the next hour you’ll enjoy 11 scenes from six different David Ginn performances…and the working magician or clown will LEARN from each one of them! Starting with: Jungle Warm-Up, Easter Egg Count, No Bounce Ball, ABC Puzzle, Disbanded On Stage, Wild West Animals, Go Fish!, Coke Bottle Rabbit, Snake Basket, Sawing In Half and 3-Part Closer (Road Race, Guitar Solo and Tablecloth Stunt). Running Time: 60 minutes. The book (The Master Textbook) is to accompany the DVD, watch the DVD first then proceed with the book for further explanations of the above tricks…book is soft-covered with 312 pages of text and photos. Great price for both the book and DVD! ALSO HAS ADDITIONAL CHAPTERS FOR LIVE KIDBIZ 3, 4, 5 AND 6!

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