Live Kidbiz (Ginn) (Book & DVD)


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NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD! For the first time, magician/author DAVID GINN shares his successful kidshow comedy and magic not only in work and sound, but also IN SIGHT on this live performance DVD. You’ll enjoy watching David work to his school show audiences and you’ll LEARN at the same time…as David presents: Co-Cola From Atlanta, The Lobster Cards, Magic To Rock Music, Tricky Bottles, Red Plaid Egg Bag, Sun & Moon, Radio Rabbit, Arrowhead!, The Eye Chart, Dagger Rabbit Vanish, One Hot Firecracker and Closing To Music. Running Time on DVD is 60 minutes. The book is to accompany the DVD, watch the DVD first then proceed with the book for further explanations of the above tricks…book is soft-covered with 144 pages of text and photos. Great price for both the book and DVD!

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