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A Norm Nielsen creation…made of the finest quality washable latex with hand-tinted accents and fitted glass eyes. None finer available…thousands sold!

They are used in a variety of ways, limited only by one’s imagination.  These living latex doves can be “rung in” anytime during your act, and can easily add a new effect as needed.

They crush small, assume shape quickly, and can be manipulated to act real if needed.

  • The latex is dyed pure white, not just painted.
  • Fully washable, they’ll always look good.
  • Thin walled latex for small compression.
  • Glass eye give them that perfect look.
  • Hand detailed

The industry standard in Latex Doves!  These are preferred by working pro’s as the industry standard.

Note: Image shows TWO doves, but price listed is for only a single dove.

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1 review for Living Latex Dove – Norm Nielsen

  1. robhiggins (verified owner)

    I LOVE this dove! It is so real. You will use this more than you might think. This is a very strong trick even for anyone who never has done dove magic or never intend to.

    Sometimes I do a simple dove routine with real doves with a vanishing box and reappearing with fire with the dove pan. Everyone loves it. Fire and the ultimate symbol of Peace is a strong presentation.

    Sometimes I use the Living Latex Dove to add another dove into the presentation.

    Since this dove is so realistic, it is easy to use it for the disappearance and then I use the real dove for the reappearance. It creates the illusion that I am disappearing and reappearing a real dove. It makes my dove show even bigger. This is a great addition to your dove show.

    But more often I am in a bar and I produce a latex dove with a finger flash (fire) and run for the door to let it free (most likely I have set it up so I am near a door already and release the dove to the sky (in the dark so no one can see).

    It fools everybody. It has NEVER failed. I tell them trained doves are like homing pigeons and she (the dove) will be waiting for me when I get home. “She can fly home much faster than I can drive plus she only drinks water and I need another real drink. What about you?”

    Anyway… I melted my original fake (the identical) dove with to much fire and needed a new one.

    The original one was from an auction when a local magician passed away so I didn’t know much about artificial doves. I got it and used it and it blew their minds. This is real for the spectators. They know I have produced a live dove (which you haven’t really).

    This dove is same original latex dove that I love and have used for many years. Now this new modern day dove lets me continue in my glory. Even though I didn’t know what I had, the Living Latex Dove – Norm Nielsen is exactly what I had and was so successful with.

    Thanks to Steven’s Magic for letting me continue to use this bar trick that I have enjoyed for so many years.

    We need to support Steven’s Magic for keeping this stuff in stock. The original dove I have been using is at least 40 years old. It is amazing it is still available.

    To review, if you have a dove act, it would be a mistake to not use this gimmick. Buy it and you will see how much it will add to your act. If you like to perform in the bar, it will be e memorable experience for any one who sees it too.

    In my opinion, this is the best replica dove in the magic industry (and I have tried all of them),

    This is a very simple and amazing illusion. It has been very good for me, you might like it too.

    Thanks again to Stephen’s Magic for sharing this with us and keeping them in stock for us over the last many years I think they just celebrated 40 or 50 years of serving us,

    I wrote this review in thanks for them offering this amazing product in stock for us. They do really care about us.

    Even though the internet offers many choices, when I am looking to professional and often exclusive magic, I trust Mark and Joe Stevens,

    They don’t sell anything that they wouldn’t recommend or do themselves.

    If you do professional dove magic, you probably already own this Living Latex Dove.

    If you don’t own this Living Latex Dove you should (and you won’t be disappointed) but you can also use it in the bar as I have, it will make you famous in that bar. The women especially love this bu6 so do the men.

    This is an easy reputation maker if you present it right, A little acting goes a long way with the bar version but otherwise the trick is easy to prefect.

    I highly recommend the Living Latex Dove.

    Thanks to Stevens. I respect and thank them so much for having this in stock when I needed a replacement.

    I rarely write reviews but I wanted you to know how much fun this simple illusion can be even in your normal life. If you are a dove person, you already have this gimmick.

    If you want to be totally impressive but didn’t want the responsibility of having live doves, this is a GREAT illusion with the flash gimmick. You will be amazed with the audience reaction. This is a wonderful tool.

    It has been true for me and I think you will enjoy it too.

    I recommend this highly.

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