Locking Flap Slates – Non Magnetic


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Something Very Difficult To Find! 

Crafted by Louie Gaynor. Possibly the most Ingenious locking set of slates for producing two sets of writing ever invented! The slates are innocent-looking. Writing appears on both sides of the blank slates while being held by spectator. Spirit Writing At Its Best! Lock flap slates have been hard to find for years as sometimes they appear only for a short time and then are gone!

Slates are handmade by Louie Gaynor for Stevens Magic Emporium and have the complete look of innocence and look as though school children had used them. Own a set now while you have a chance. The “gaff” on these slates is incredible for sure. Erasable chalk board surfaces. Each slate is made of solid oak with heavy lacquer finish. Made to astonishing detail.  Comes with detailed instructions and soft chalk.

  • Strong glued and screwed mitered corners for years of use!
  • Each slates measure 10 x 8-inches. Comes with chalk.
  • Great when you consider the mechanical gimmick for this miraculous effect!
  • These slates are of the highest quality—do not make the mistake of thinking they are like what has previously been available in the magic market.


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