Loopy Loops (Taylor)


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Loopy Loops. This routine formed the backbone of Sean Taylor’s commercial kid show act for more than 5 years and has been known to last for over 10 minutes. Here Sean shows you through the live performance just how much business you can get from a simple and straight forward piece of Magic. Three colored rope loops are handed to two volunteers and fully examined. The loops are shown to have Magic properties in a silly, gag packed change of order sequence which really does lead the kid’s up the garden path. Now it’s their turn. First the loops become genuinely linked and then, as if that wasn’t enough, they turn into one giant stripy loop. Lots of Magic, lots of business and lots of gags. You receive three full sets of acrylic loops which are brightly colored and fully washable and a detailed instructional DVD. This is ‘play big and pack small magic’ and all you need to add is a change bag and your favorite comic wands and you have a laughter packed routine for any kid’s show.

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