Losander Floating Table™ Original – With Anti Gravity Box


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Comes with the Anti Gravity Box and everything required to perform this classic miracle!

35 years ago Losander created the type of ground breaking accomplishment that sincerely happens maybe every 50 years with his creation of “The Floating Table™“. It is the best Floating Table you have ever seen. A solid Table, which is used during the show to hold your props, begins to rise, starts floating and even a volunteer can examine the Table while it floats. The usual statement Losander get’s after showing this amazing Table in front of Magicians is, “That’s the best levitation effect I’ve ever seen!” Magicians like Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Lance Burton, Salvano, Moretti, Marco Tempest, Chuck Jones… just to name a FEW, have bought the original from Dirk Losander.

All these people know how much effort and time it takes to create such a beautiful and amazing effect, and they all have one thing in common… They do not support copies in this business. Losander would appreciate if you, as a Magician of honor and integrity would do the same.

Copyrighted Ad Copy of Stevens Magic Emporium:
Beware not of just copies but “counterfeit” variations that use the same images, and trade marked name – who try to sell a substantially inferior version. You can spot these frauds immediately when you see the difference in price, and what you see on these counterfeit websites is NOT what you get. Only reputable dealers are authorized to sell a Losander Floating Table™. Exercise due diligence, and purchase the genuine time-tested article from the inventor and master of levitation – Dirk Losander.  If you are not familiar with our company – Stevens Magic Emporium – call us!  We will be able to verify authenticity.

The Losander Table™ is a perfect levitation effect. It can be performed under ANY conditions, even surrounded. Imagine a solid table which mysteriously begins to rise from the floor and then suddenly takes off. This table floats all over the place.

Losander as the inventor of the Losander Floating Table™, wants to make sure he credits Tommy Wonder as the inspiration of this effect.  Losander’s work is approved by the Tommy Wonder estate! All Losander Tables come with a protective foam lined case.

Important Points: 

  1. Production time varies sometimes the tables are able to be shipped quickly and other time 2-5 weeks may be required prior to shipping.

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