Luck of the Draw by Liam Montier (Gimmick and Online instructions included) – Estate – Primi

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Luck of the Draw is a killer new utility for mentalists and magicians alike! You get…

An incredibly deceptive & natural looking 3 way force bag (Don’t throw your ‘Luck Of The Draw’ packaging away… it’s the force bag! HA!). This thing is so squeaky clean that you can happily let your spectator’s handle and use it. It’s a fast route to 100% hands off, self working mentalism!!!
100 Random Raffle Tickets
100 Force Raffle Tickets (in various colours)
A SECOND 100 Force Raffle Tickets (with a different number)
A Booklet of KILLER tricks and ideas – includes Liam’s lecture highlight ‘Pyrite’ (a self working ‘Card At Any Number’!!!)
A free video download which teaches you everything you need to know to perform ‘Pyrite!
For ultimate deceptiveness, each stack of raffle tickets contain a total mixture of colours! This makes all the tickets look random, very different, and colourful to use!

We are SURE that you will have your own ideas and routines for this awesome utility prop, but check out the instructions for ‘packs small, plays big’ mentalism that will work on tables, or on stage. Book Tests, Add a Number, Card At Any Number, and MORE

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