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CONTROL THE PERCENTAGES UP TO 88.33%!  Now comes with Mr. T’s Pro Guide – available as a DOWNLOAD.  

88.33% Advantage – You would KILL to have that with your significant other in arguments!  Admit it!

He’s Back!  Dr. X! After three months consulting the South American Tri Border area, we are pleased to have finally once again exclusively offer his celebrated gambling log.

The Dr. X Lucky Dog Log – puts YOU in control of the odds!  While in appearance it looks similar other gimmicked rolling logs, IT ISN’T!  It also does not have to rolled, we throw it in a glass bowl and play the numbers as if it was an oblong die.

Game:  Two players each take turns rolling a log (or throwing it into a glass bowl) that has colored numbers. Whoever rolls the highest number wins!

  • The gimmick is 100% undetectable!
  • Using a simple 6 letter code you can have incredible arsenal in your hands.
  • It is completely innocuous in looks, design, methodology and execution.
  • Gamblers often give the full advantage to the player initially – to enticing them to keep playing.
  • The gimmick is consistently reliable!
  • It features up to an 88.33% or a 66.66% advantage.
  • Keep in mind – You can give this to either the player or yourself too!
  • If desired, you can make the odds’ 50/50.

FACT: If you enjoy gambling apparatus – you simply MUST have this item in your collectionDon’t make the mistake of having to wait another 15 plus years- get TWO of them NOW before they sell out.  

Previously sold on secondary markets – up to $250!   

Dr. X., is constantly traveling doing consulting work – we were lucky to get these from him.  If you like this this concept – we suggest getting it NOW!  When they are gone, it’s unlikely they will be available again for another 15 years!

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