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Machina – Christopher Taylor

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Machina (ma·chi·na)

1. An unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation.

We at Stevens Magic are pleased to have gotten a small number of Chris’s latest item that has been all the rage!

Imagine, divining a participant’s Zodiac sign without a single question asked! How? The board will signal if a pendulum is swinging yes/no and which of the four corners the pendulum is held over. The slate can be divided into four quadrants with chalk and various things written in each quadrant; the board will signal which quadrant is being written in or which one the pendulum is over. Limitless applications. Watch the trailer for more info:

Your Machina set will include:

  • The 8” x 10” (20cm x 25cm) electronic board, lovingly finished and aged by master craftsman, Paul Kostrach in the USA.
  • 48 hrs of continuous-use battery life.
  • Magnetic spherical pendulum.
  • Custom fitted slate cover.
  • Special vintage-style chalk holder for use with the slate.
  • One year warranty
  • Access to the secret page on our website with instructional videos and a PDF.
  • Matchbox-sized receiver with 50+ meters range. NOTE: the Machina receiver is compatible with OHM2, Apogee, Eclipse, and Gemini (soon to be released).

Please note: This item is available “only” in limited supply.

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