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Magic Apple Juice MagicLatex by Félix & C. Casagrande is much more then just a quality latex apple. You walk on stage holding a flat Apple Juice container, you simulate to drink using a straw and in one moment you produce a red apple from inside. Impossible!!! You´ll need to get closer than 3 feet to realize that the apple is not real!

An easy-to-do visual effect that you can use as an opener effect, to finish your show or you can also use it anytime in the show because all is self-contained.

You can make the apple appear using flash paper, produce it from inside a cook book or from anyplace you want and the space to hide it is much smaller than a real apple. It has a small hole, which is easily hidden with a fingertip. This hole is necessary to avoid vacuum effect, so the apple quickly recovers its shape. It is also useful to hide small handkerchiefs or to make them appear.

You will receive all you need to perform the routine:
-a hand painted red apple
– a reinforced container specially made it for this effect
-a special gimmick to make the production easier
-a straw
– step by step instructions with pictures in full color in Spanish and English

In fact, all you need to start to do this routine after 5 minutes of receiving it. An instantaneous appearance that will cause surprise and smiles at the same time. An impossible effect that will be remembered by the spectator

Fantasio: Excellent products for the professional magician. They are more realistic than foam or sponge products, and can be used inches away from the spectator

Daryl – The Magician’s Magician: MAGICLATEX makes some of the best and most realistic looking props in the world of magic. I’ve used some of their products in my performances at The Magic Castle and NOBODY suspected a thing!

Kevin James: MAGICLATEX makes wonderful latex products. I was very impressed. You will be too.

Hans Klok: MAGICLATEX is simply the best.

Note: A well maintained latex product lasts up to 15 years. Store your products in closed and dark spaces. Do not expose to sunlight and to extreme temperatures, for long periods of time. When long term storage is required, spread feet`s powder on them.


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