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Astound your viewers as you flip through the coloring book and make images and colors appear and then vanish! A full size coloring book is shown with it’s uncolored pages. Then it’s flipped through again but this time the pages are now magically colored! For the awesome ending show the coloring book, a final time, reveals all pictures and colors are gone without a trace leaving nothing but blank pages!

This is a wonderful classic magic trick sure to create shock and awe! An easy to perform magic effect do NOT be misled. Any magician whether new or a seasoned pro – knows the power of this effect and it works in perfectly in children’s magic shows. Just because it’s easy to execute doesn’t mean it won’t resonate with the crowd. Believe me, some of the best tricks in the magic world are the ones that are the simple.

Classic Sample Effect: Performer introduces a magic coloring book to the young audience. The magician is SO excited as it’s been years and years since he has had the change to experience a coloring book. The magician is so excited to show off his new coloring book to his audience and as he begins to turn the pages in view of the children, the magician is dismayed to learn ALL the pages inside the ENTIRE book are BLANK!

Oh dear, the magician states – something is very different here. He informs the boys and girls that when he was young coloring books were not just BLANK Pages! He asked the audience, is this the way coloring books are made today?

The kids respond NO! They tell the magician that a coloring book should have black and white images! The magician agrees! He states that is exactly how coloring books back in his day were made also. But now the book is only blank pages…. What to do? Then the magician has a great idea! He asked if all the children will help him scream out the magic word to see if something can be done. On the count of three the children scream out the Magic Word! Next the magician takes a peek and starts to fan the pages of the book ONLY this time, magically, the outlines have appeared! The blank pages are GONE! Not only are the blank pages gone but in their place are magic outlines like the performing magician with the hat. There is an outline of boy eating ice-cream and many other magic related outlines.

Now the magician has a confession he has to share with the young members of the audience. It’s very embarrassing but when he was in school – many many years ago – back in 200 AD., he got a “C” in his art class. He was terrible at art specifically coloring.

So the magician hatches a plan! He asked if the children could say the magic word one more time, and if they did maybe another magical miracle will take place.

So, again the count up to 1-2-3 – and the kits rehearse the magic word again. The magician who was holding on to the coloring book, has to drop it – because it gets so hot. Something happened to that book when those children said the magic word again. What could it be? Only one way to find out. The magician open carefully the book again, and INCREDIBLY upon turning the inside pages, now each outline is totally colored in with different crown and colors. Perfectly in fact painted in. The magician is SO happy that he has ONE final request of the young specators. He asks if it would be okay to take the magically finished coloring book that is perfect home with him so he can show his mother, that he too is a world famous artist.

Of course, the routine provided above is the classic version – and it is hands down more the popular sequence of performing these effects. However, think out side the box. You can easily adapt the sequencing of this effects too.

If you want to create original art – you must forget everything you have ever learned Stanisław Szukalski

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  • 8.5 x 11 (Standard Coloring Book Size)
  • Instructions Included for Easy Learning

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