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Another winner from Nagoya Japans, Tejinaya – Syouma! Incredible Price Point! The key to using classic ideas is bringing them forward, and thinking out of the box! Both of these qualities have been incorporated within this production device – one conceptually and other literally. Literally because the production items do indeed come OUT OF THE BOX! Taking a classic apparatus and applying modern packaging featuring incredible quality, vivid imagery and realism! The amount of items that can be produced are varied and it’s best to include a mixture of different objects of different size and shape for maximum effect.

The performer displays a vivid colored cookie box and opens it up to show the box is empty! He opens it from the top and also from the sides – the audience completely sees through the box – proving (unfortunately) it’s empty. No Cookies! The magician then closes the box and with a magical gesture reaches inside and produces a carton of cookies – from the same previously viewed empty cookie box! He reaches in again and sure enough, produces yet another carton of cookies! While the production of cookies naturally is the theme – it doesn’t necessary have to be so. if one wanted they could use other items as well, including silks, decks of cards, even a Rubik’s cube and other applicable items – as desired. It’s a great way to segue into a Rubik’s Cube effect by making it appear from this empty cookie box of all things, acting surprised of course and going with the line, similar to “When Life Gives Your Lemons” but instead something like “When Life Gives You Puzzles.” Solve them! But instead of course segue into the Rubik’s Cube effect such as Syouma’s Cube Shell, (also available at Stevens Magic), or your preferred Rubik’s Cube Effect.

Dimensions: 6 ¼” High by 2 1’2” Wide

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