Magic Fortune – Fortune Magic – Vol. 7 – Marconic


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Printed in Amsterdam Holland, by MARCONIC, 1982 – Edited by Peter Warlock, London England.  Packed with lots of wonderful photos and illustrations!  This is an olide by a goodie!  Contains 47!

Contents include these effects:

  • The Nomadic Spheres
  • Dicey Ice
  • Trapping a Card
  • The Classic Coins and Cards -My Way
  • A Novel Fire Bowl
  • Cards from Fire
  • A Cigarette Floats
  • The Cigarette (W) Angler
  • The Magic Spectacles
  • Up, 7 Up!
  • Variation on “Seven Up”
  • Cards from Egypt.
  • You’d Like Another, Sir! Certainly!
  • Caught In A Sandwich!
  • Quarter, The “Black Hole”
  • Card Flourish (Japanese Fashion)
  • Mr. Nose, The Magic Clown
  • Me and My Shadow
  • Flash fan to Silk
  • The Fan Illusion
  • Three Way Rising Card
  • The Cornucopia
  • The Box of Mystery
  • Another Mystery Box
  • A Dog Has No Time For Books
  • Four Wrongs Can Make a Right

This great book contains many unique and novel effects never seen before!  Great photo of Fred Kaps, Jean Marc and Marconick featured in the booklet. 

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