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Hardback. Good Condition.

7 Chapter I What is Magic?

14 Chapter II What a Conjurer Can Do

20 Chapter III How He Does It
55 Chapter IV Impromptu Tricks
55 The Enchanted Ping Pong Ball
55 The Magnetized Walking Stick
56 Magically Mending a Torn Cigarette Paper
57 Mending a Torn Strip of Paper
58 Vanishing a Threepenny-Piece
59 Catching Money in the Air
60 Chocolates from a Cap
61 A Homemade Cotton Mill
62 Dissolving a Penny in the Hand
63 The Flying Coin
64 Thought-Reading with a Coin
66 The Disappearing Knife
68 Throwing a Penny Through a Hat
70 The Magic Dice
72 Swallowing a Lighted Cigar
74 A Braid-Tying Trick
76 A Handcuff Trick
78 Heads or Tails
80 The Magic Rings of Paper
82 An Anglo-Indian Trick

84 Chapter V Dinner Table Tricks
84 The Obedient Water
86 Restoring an Apple Cut in Four
87 The Broken Wine-Glass
88 The Travelling Penny
89 Another Invisible Journey
90 The Vanishing Glass
91 The Disappearing Penny
92 A Feat of Dexterity
93 The Conjurer’s Wine
94 The Disappearing Papers
95 Thimble-Rigging Up-to-Date
96 Swallowing a Knife
97 The Magnetized Knife
98 The Magic Sugar

109 Chapter V Thought-Reading Tricks
40 Answering Questions
41 Simple and Effective
42 Long-Distance Thought-Reading
43 A Simple Watch Trick
44 Heads or Tails
45 The Domino Trick
46 A Drawing-Room Trick
47 Thought-Reading Without a Confederate
48 A Picture Post-Card Trick

126 Chapter VI Card Tricks
50 A Display of Will-Power
51 Long Cards
52 Discovering a Selected Card
53 Another Way
54 Another Way
55 A Good Memory
56 Mental Magnetism
57 The Priceless Opera-Glasses
58 Finding a Lost Card
59 The Conjurer’s Will-Power
60 The Mesmerized Cards
61 The Magic Flight of Cards
62 The Wizard’s Whist
63 The Magic Aces
64 Passing Cards Through a Book
169 Chapter VIII An Amateur Performance

210 Hand Shadows

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