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Nearly 20 years in the making! THE MAGIC OF FRED ROBINSON may well be the most anxiously-awaited book amongst magicians the world over. It has been in the making for almost 20 years! See for yourself why it was worth the wait, and is must have reading. Recently reviewed by Genii magazine – it received an excellent review ending with the reviewer highly recommending the purchase of this book.  The Magic of Fred Robinson documents, details and describes every effect that Fred Robinson performed.  Nothing is left out of this tremendous catalog of entertaining effects Fred performed.  The respected author is none other then Peter Duffie who has skillfully described all of Fred’s sleights and effects in the greatest of detail, while at the same time making sure it remains an interesting and exciting read.  Paul Griffin and Roy Johnson provided illustrations for the book. This Hardbound book features 286 pages, historical photos and hundreds of exceptional illustrations provided by Paul Griffin and Roy Johnson.  We at Stevens Magic find this book to be of exceptional quality in terms of it’s physical characteristics and long-awaited fascinating contents. It also features a colorful and illustrated Dust Jacket, Under the Dust Jacket, the color of the book is a soft burgundy featuring a gold square on the front, lower right-hand cover with gold embossed letters – THE MAGIC OF FRED ROBINSON. It is truly is a beautiful book, with equally complimentary and exciting content.  Our own Stevens Magic resident book expert – David Williams, ESQ., (whom many of you have met at World Magic Seminars, in the book department of Stevens Magic), also gave the book very high marks.  When it comes to books and legal issues, we are fortunate to have David Williams as our advisor. Below are some additional comments from those who have written lengthy tributes to Fred and his contribution to magic. “I state without fear of exaggerating that Fred was one of the all-time greats; especially with cards.” DAI VERNON “Card magic and techniques of card-handling have fascinated me for most of my life. Meeting Fred was a highlight of my life.” ROY WALTON “Your journey with Fred is about to begin thanks to Peter Duffie and Martin Breese. I envy you.” SIMON LOVELL

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