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A new twist on an old gag! Trust us – This is not you standard snake in the potato chip can. This is a not just a novelty or gag, it’s a routine! The labels have been placed on each side, topsy-turvy, and this unit has TWO openings! The first opening features a compartment where you can actually put chips inside of it. This is great because you can ask a young participant if they would like some chips, and as you hand them the can, naturally they won’t have anything to do with it! So you take it back, open it and remove a few chips and eat them! Not what the audience was expecting at all. Later you ask another person if they would like some chips, but the audience members are still wary of the magician – so again – the magician opens up the can and take a few potato chips and eats them. Finally, someone is willing to open the potato chip can to get some chips only “this time” when the can is opened BAM! A quality spring snake jumps from the can leaving everyone laughing trying to figure out how the heck this happened!

  • Incredible price considering the mileage and comedy you will get out of it.
  • Features topsy-turvey labeling on each side of the can, so you know which end contains the spring snake, and the label on the can always appears to be right-side up.
  • Contains secret compartment where you can store real potato chips.
  • Quality spring snake, really pops out of the can – as it should!
  • Made from an magic company not a novelty company, with attention to maintaining quality control.


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