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Video Performance shows the Stage Version of this effect. But the effect is the same.
Magic Puzzle ZZM - Magic Trick

Elegance defined is the best way to describe Harold Voit’s ZZM’s desktop edition of the Magic Puzzle. Crafted by Louie Gaynor, who is respected and renowned in the art. Several of Louie’s pieces offered on a recent auction fetched well beyond the original price. The effect is without doubt one of the most amazing and if there ever was a definition for beautiful deceptive this effect is that. We believe that you already are aware of the effect but if you’re not please access our website for full details.

We anticipate demand for this desk top unit to be high as it continues to be for the parlor version of Harold Voit’s Magic Puzzle also made by Louie Gaynor. Pay attention to the details because that is exactly what you will find here and nowhere else. Notice the mitered hinges on both the box and the walnut frame. This tabletop model is of the highest quality constructed from Baltic Birch (for the puzzle pieces). The case is also crafted from Baltic Birch and Walnut. The wood frame is constructed from walnut and features a maple corner inlays. These inlays serve double duty – they are aesthetically pleasing and provide additional support for the mitered corners.

Notice the latches applied also resonate style and elegance as well as providing exceptionally secure closure. Each unit hallmarked – LUE. Approx. Dimensions 6 ¼” wide by 6 ¾” tall and 1 ¼” thick. Weight 16 ounces. Solid construction and handmade, as you would expect from a Louie Gaynor piece and with special authorization from Harold Voit to be sold exclusively at Stevens Magic Emporium.  Over time there may be changes to the metal hardware due to what is available at production time.

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2 reviews for Magic Puzzle – Tabletop Version ZZM – Louie Gaynor

  1. reis (verified owner)

    This is difficult to review because there are aspects that are 5 star and aspects that are less than 3 star. I’ll start and end with the five star parts and sandwich the criticism in the middle.

    This comes in a beautiful case. The workmanship and the finish on the case is gorgeous. If it was the case that I was interested in (I don’t use the case in my performance), then this would easily be a five star review.

    I just wish that the same attention to detail and finishing was paid to the puzzle pieces themselves. The rough saw cuts are visible on the sides of the puzzle pieces. One of the pieces had a splinter which broke off. From a performing distance these aren’t big deals, but I expected a much more finished set of puzzle pieces. I am disappointed in the quality of workmanship of the puzzle pieces – it’s as if the case and the puzzle pieces were made by two separate entities.

    The frame is looser than I expected. Having too much play between the sides of the puzzle and the frame somewhat diminishes the effect of adding the extra pieces and everything still fitting in the frame.

    The printed instructions were for a different version of this puzzle (the one with the drawer), and the video instructions for the parlor/stage version. It’s easy enough to adapt, but I expected printed and video instructions to match the product I purchased.

    It would have been nice to also include some double-sided tape or wax with the puzzle.

    Back to the good stuff. I sent a question to Stevens Magic and they recorded a new video specific to this version of the puzzle. They also sent an email tip about using double sided tape which was helpful and appreciated, but should have been in the printed instructions.

    In summary – the case is beautiful but the puzzle isn’t finished nearly as well as the case; the frame isn’t tight enough; the original instructions (printed and video) were for a different version, but Steven’s Magic had great customer support.

    Lastly – I was only interested in the puzzle pieces and frame – not the case. It would be great to offer a version of this that is only the puzzle pieces and frame with a high level of workmanship.

  2. brentdh

    The above review is pretty much dead-on: beautiful workmanship on the case and frame but the pieces did not get the same level of attention.

    Still, a cool effect and a fun piece to have in my collection.

    Shipped quickly and safely

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