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Important: The following dims are only for the puzzle not the board.Dims of Puzzle – 11.5″ wide by 13″ Tall. This the PARLOR sized puzzle – NOT the STAGE.

Below VIDEO shows performance of the STAGE model. This is NOT the STAGE MODEL. Video is for demonstration purposes ONLY!

With approval from Harold Voit – ZZM we have been authorized to offer this effect.  An effect that has been knocked off by those that pay no tribute to origins and/or original thought/ intellectual property rights.
Magic Puzzle ZZM - Magic Trick
The magician is tasked with solving a block puzzle and after trying he finally believes he has solved it!  To test it there is a frame that will fit over the puzzle pieces with no room to spare.  Sure enough he places the frame over the puzzle and IT FITS!  He is excited only to look down and notice – there was ONE piece that he forget to include!  How is that possible?  None-the-less, he must make it happen so he takes the frame of and goes to work adding one additional piece to the puzzle.  Simply physic’s tells us this is NOT possible.  Yet he manages someone to form the puzzle and incredibly take the frame and place it over the blocks – and it first PERFECTLY AGAIN?  How is that possible to add a piece and still be able to keep the surface volume exactly the same?  The magician again is very happy – except there is just one little problem.  Guess what?  There is yet another piece of the puzzle he forget to include?  IMPOSSIBLE right?  Yet the magician fastidiously sets out again with now the 2nd ADDED piece trying to square the puzzle pieces up in the same manner as before.  SURE ENOUGH!  It appears he has done it – but there is one FINAL test to make sure…. He has to take the square frame and place it over ALL the pieces of the puzzle (remember now TWO pieces have been added).   As he reaches for the square frame he is nervous but INCREDIBLY he is able – For the THIRD TIME – to fit it over all the pieces!   Think about that for a second!   Now you know why this is one of the most cherished pieces in the art of Magic.
Crafted by consummate and internationally recognized Louie Gaynor, with FULL license and authorization from Harold Voit – this unit is the quintessential crown jewel of magic effects manufactured by Louie Gaynor.   While each unit will vary. it’s all wood with no particle board or MDF?
These are constructed all from wood with no particle board or MDF. Wood can vary subject to availability. All the frames are lock-jointed for maximum strength (see photos’).  All incorporate the highest quality neodymium magnets (not ceramic). All edges rounded so the pieces slide smoothly.  8-9 coats of lacquer. Comes with the ungimmicked extra matching piece as seen in the photo. The carrying vase has positive lock draw-hatched features, which is glued and screwed so there is no chance for it to come apart.  If taken care of this should last hundreds of years.  This particular parlor version can also play stage.  We like it because it’s lighter an easier to transfer than the stage version, yet has the versatility to satisfy both venues.
  • Own something truly special and spectacular.
  • This is that one effect that has such a dramatic impact it’s a must have item.
  • Perfect for trade shows – imagine performing a problems solving visual experiment any fortune 500 company using this principle that represents the very changing dynamic of todays market place and how a company must be resilient to survive. Seriously – can you think of any better effect to perform that this?
  • This could be Louie Gaynor’s signature contribution to magic and rest assured it’s top quality.
  • This item is shipped form the US, which allows customers here to dramatically save on otherwise international shipping.
  • Approx. Case Size 57 cm wide by 61 cm tall by 13 cm thick  – or – 22 1/2″ wide by 24″ tall by 3″ thick – Puzzle Size: 11.5″ wide by 13″ Tall.
Many of you know the power of this effect because you can easily apply ANY THEME to it, and nothing makes a more lasting impression. This is NOT a mass produced item.  They are made in sets of 6 from master craftsman Louie Gaynor.
NOTE: Additional Shipping WILL be required above and beyond what reflects at checkout.  Estimated total shipping in the US approx. $85


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