Magic Square Methods and Tricks – Book


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This book introduces two previously unknown methods for constructing 4-by-4 magic squares. Once you learn how, you can build such magic squares quickly, directly, in real time without having anything memorized or hidden in crib notes. The methods are easy to learn and to perform because you never have to add more than two numbers at a time. In addition, they offer unprecedented control over the outcome. For example, you can predict before you start that fifty-two symmetric patterns will attain the same total. In addition to the usual tricks (any chosen sum, any number in any cell, etc.), you can perform many magic square tricks and stunts that would have been impractical without these new techniques, such as constructing a reversible magic square like the one on the cover. You will also acquire a toolkit to design your own tricks, as well as tips to ensure a maximum-impact presentation.

“Jim Solberg has produced the most thorough treatise on the magic square ever written. Like a mad scientist, Jim dives deep into the world of magic squares and emerges with new methods, results, explanations, and presentations. For magicians interested in recreational mathematics, this is a must read.” – Caleb Wiles

“The Magic Square has been a particular fascination of mine for the past few years. Jim Solberg gives us an insightful and encyclopedic look at the plot leaving no square incomplete. I took a lot from his book and I know you will too!” – Andi Gladwin

“This book offers fresh new insights to the theory and performance of 4-by-4 magic squares. The ideas will be of interest to mathematicians and magicians alike.” – Arthur T. Benjamin

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