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Includes downloadable diagram cutting instructions available post purchase.

They’re BACK! Magic Squares!

How is it possible to have two individual linked magic squares that came from one single piece of paper?  No – not the Mentalist version of Magic Squares – the “artistic version!” Call it the perfect appetizer or twist to any close up performance. Add a story about “unity” either with a higher power of a significant other — and you have a tremendous emotional filler.

Story line could elaborate on how in life we constantly get beat and cut up (as you cut the paper), but despite it all, through perseverance, while you remain an individual, you also are eternally linked to a special force in life – and you’re never alone! Or the effect could be performed simply as a visual illusion.

Effect: Performer introduces a single sheet of paper that is check board with black and white squares. He displays the paper front and back to the audience who can be sitting very close. He then folds the paper in half and then in half again. and then takes a set of scissors and cuts it the very top triangular portion off. Then performs a series of cuts – after each cut he re-opens the fold to show the full pattern. The last cut is a cross cut and when the paper is opened what is revealed is two attached squares – naturally it being one piece of paper. What happens next – is amazing, the two squares are then independent of each other and are now linked! How is it possible to have two individual linked magic squares that came from one single piece of paper? 

Each unit comes with 10 gimmicks, allowing you for 10 performances.

Important Note: We strongly recommend watching and referring back to the video as well features on this page.  Also, when you get this item, make “copies” of the pages and “practice” the cutting patterns on the copies! Even though you will “not” get the desired effect, it will help you become familiar with the process!

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