Magic Tweet – Magic Latex Blue Canary


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Product Description

Adorable! This is the word my wife said when she saw this little Magic Tweet!  No, I’m not referring to a post I made on Twitter.  I’m referring to the amazingly realistic attributes that Felix created with his blue canary!  The yellow canary was the first item from Felix’s quality products, to really gain attention! Now this latest variation will do the same.  Exceptionally realistic, when you learn how easy it is to animate it – you yourself will have trouble wondering if it’s real or not!

You will receive a small bird made with 100% high quality latex.
– Due of the exact latex density, it gets back to it’s original shape en matter of instant, so you can perform an instant apparition throwing smoke or lighting a piece of flash paper/thread.
– It can appear from a mobile phone or “tablet” when a “Twitter” message is received.
– From a fan of cards or the card case.
– Inflate a small balloon and transform it into a little bird.
– You can make the well known trick where you play with two paper bags and a real bird, which you simulate to kill. No doubt a very funny trick
– You can hide it easily in one hand, so you can make it appear from a regular silk handkerchief.
Picture this: After the bird appears in your hand, you suddenly start clapping furiously with the bird in your hands!
– Built for magic with doves, indispensable for small /medium apparition cages.

You will receive a link to an instructional video explaining all the productions shown in the demo video, and tips for proper use and maintenance. The video is very graphic with instructional demonstrations for easy understanding.

An instantaneous appearance that will cause surprise and smiles at the same time.

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