Magic Wand Long Grain – Richard Spencer


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Master wood-turner Richard Spencer continues to create more exquisite magic apparatus with a concentrated focus with his flair to produce classics in the art.  In that effort we are excited to offer this masterfully turned gorgeous magic wand. As is the case with his ball vases, each wand he is unique making each piece a one of a kind.  Even on pieces where he has used the same type of woods, you can clearly see the individual characteristics associated with the grains and color that make each piece truly unique.  As with all the pieces Richard makes the quality of the wood he chooses are the best.

Each wand contains rich visual contrast with black ended tips and circular rings in between the black tips and ends of the wand on both side with white inlay for maximum contrast. To own anything from Richard Spencer is to own something worthy of any collection. This magic wand is no exception.

They are balanced perfectly and ideal for wand spinning. The wand is approx. 12 inches long with a weight of approx., 1.1 to 1.4 ounces.

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