Magica IV – Secrets from the Vault – Larry Barnowsky


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Bonus: Included in EACH book, a custom Bicycle Gaff that can be used in one of the effects! 

From Larry Barnowsky comes his latest publication which features over 400 color photos, 158 pages on #80 gloss enamel paper which is limited to 150 numbered copies. Larry provides valued and respected insight in an easy to digest approach because his books are full of imagery and value-added and extremely helpful editing tools that help convey the step-by-step sequencing for his jaw dropping magic.

1. In and Out of Control
2. Shape Shifting Card
3. Entangled Colors
4. The Jack of All Charades
5. Uncontrolled
6. The Mind Circle of Alexander
7. Auto-Selection Detection
8. Shuffle-More
9. Missing and Found Kings
10. Impromptu Entropy I
11. Impromptu Entropy II
12. Second Sight I and II
13. Two for One
14. Receptor Deception
15. Showboat Aces
16. Viviani’s Prediction
17. No-Memory Fitch Cheney
18. Side Clip Steal
19. Prime Countdown
20. Color Me Psychic
21. Penny Candy
22. Black Magic Tiles of Merlin
23. Magictivity Coins
24. The Invisible Coins and Cup Routine
25. Three Coin Purloin
26. Candyland
27. Three Penny Opera Trick
28. Zippity Moolah
29. More That Remains
30. Hypnotic Aces

Over 400 color photos
158 pages on
#80 gloss enamel paper
150 numbered copies

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