Magical Cartoons and Interpolations by Harry Leat


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Harry Leat presents a great selection of cartoons with a magical theme, many of which reveal a universal truth. They will make you think, just as they will make you laugh. Harry also continues his stories from Forty Years in & around Magic.

1st edition, 1927, Harry Leat, London; 95 pages.
Your Mirror
A Good Opening
The First “Palm”
“See the Thread”
Not for Magicians
The Flying Candle
Apparatus and Books
Chemical Magic
New Apparatus
A Great Future
Dreams and Reality
Refined Magic
Mr. Charles Conyers
Mr. Wilfrid Jonson
The Modern Conjurer
The Good Old Days
Circumstances Alter Cases
The Woman Who Wouldn’t
Lido Magic
Union Magician
The Angel
The President
How to become a Handcuff King
A Fine Figure
A Man of Letters
Mr. Frank Staff
The Butler
Good Health Gentlemen
Kill Him Someone!
Afternoon Tea
Doctor Leat
Stage Fright
The World’s Greatest Exposer
Dr. Nix
Mr. Louis Nikola
Mr. Douglas Williams
Mr. Herbert J. Collings
Mr. Chris Van Bern
Mr. Wilford Hutchinson
The Message
Hands Are Empty
The Hindoo Rope Vision
The “International” Magician
“The Gawd-Darned Amateur”
The Best Flying Original
A “Bright” Idea
“Now Open It”
The Servante
On and Off
Drama or Comedy
The House of Quality

word count: 7419 which is equivalent to 29 standard pages of text

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