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Product Description

This product features the Love Smiley 

A simple, direct and impactful effect! 5 emoji are presented, as well as a prediction. The spectator shuffles the tokens and throws them on the table and only those face up are kept, until only one remains. Your prediction is returned, it’s a mirror which obviously reflects the remaining token, but you go even further and blow on it to reveal the hidden prediction!

Indeed, the mist formed by your breath will reveal the emoji on which your spectator fell! The mirror can be examined, there is only one emoji on it.

The simple and effective method will allow you to focus on the presentation so that the effect has the maximum impact on your audience. In addition, the emoji are laser printed, which allows them to have a foolproof longevity.  Product features three languages for ad copy.

Strong points :

  • Easy to do
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • 2 versions available: Happy Smiley or Love Smile – This SKU is for Happy Smiley
  • Chips can be thrown on the table or shuffled in the back
  • Takes up very little space
  • Comes with a link where you can view the educational tutorial.
  • Life is complicated – Magic Emoji makes it’s less so.

Personal Review from Stevens Magic:  Mark Stevens

The value is here regards to what you pay for – realistically. To many times people simply look at the raw materials to evaluate a products worth, this is a bit sophomoric.  This would be a fantastic ice breaker with friends or a great way to get to know new friends. It’s fun and lighthearted and believe me most people outside the art of magic are not familiar with this principle.   I have always loved this application but never much cared for the versions prior that featured a playing card – for the purpose of a revelation.  This emoji brings a a classic application which still plays as strong today yet presents it in a modern way.  I was impressed with the size of the mirror at 2″ round. And I was equally pleased with the quality with respect to how vivid the image appears and how long it stays.

This is the perfect effect for your significant other when using the Love Smile with the hearts.  Perform this well and you will be rewarded exponentially with kisses!  Well done to Andrew and Andre Previato.  See very bottom of this page for the other version.

Disclaimer: Some of the images used on this product page include a different version of this product.  They are included none-the-less to give you a better idea of the details of both versions of this product.  One of the images shows an actual real time image of the effects.  As many of you know, the actual image that will appear on the mirror is a classic technique used in magic and mentalism for many years.

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