Magical Renaissance: Volume 2: Theatrical Magic (CD ROM)


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  Theatrical Magic (A Modern Wizard’s Grimoire) will teach the magician about the various arts of the theater and their roll within the show. The magus will learn how to build flats, stairs and platforms, then how to paint them to create original sets of their own. This book will also teach how to design and build special effects, as well as how to perform many of the tasks required in technical theater, such as soldering and turning on the lathe. Magical effects are not neglected, as several effects are taught from creation to performance. These effects include the Desert Sands, a low cost Asrah levitation, and exclusive effects such as the Omni Table (a replacement for the thin-model table) and a working sword in the stone. Available for both PC and MAC, this e-book is on CD ROM, complete with introduction, references, and glossary.   Let’s face it – there is such a shortage regards to products that deal with the subtle importance of “theatrics.” The consummate performer understands the power of achieving the “total” package. You will be on the road do doing just that with this item. Having seen this project, we are very excited to bring it to our esteemed clients! The quality of Malaki’s work will spoil you. We back it 100%!

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