Magical Renaissance: Volume I: A Timeline Of Magic (CD-ROM)


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A Timeline of Magic (A Modern Wizard’s Grimoire) chronologically traces the history of magic from 50,000 BCE-2000 CE, is heavily referenced, and includes a glossary. This work is the result of more than a decade of research that shows how magic, through its many incarnations and tribulations, has developed into the art form it is today. The reader will also see how this most illusive of crafts spawned the development of such areas of human endeavor as art, theater, music, philosophy and religion. Available for both PC and MAC, this e-book is on CD ROM, complete with introduction, references, and glossary. Also searchable in both PDF and Access database forms.   Having seen this project, we are very excited to bring it to our esteemed clients! The quality of Malaki’s work will spoil you. We back it 100%!

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