Magical Suggestions by Harry Latour


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Hardback. Good Condition.

“IN compiling this little book of Magic it has been my aim to present, as far as I know, original effects. Not entirely original, perhaps, in the methods of working, yet “Magical Suggestions” that I have found practical in my own act.

A vast quantity of magical literature has come my way and I have found the books contained little that was original or new, so have been tempted to produce a few of my own ideas. I am not attempting to teach the reader the “Art of Magic” or how to present it, as there are a number of standard works on the subject. I am simply giving the effect and the modus operandi of the experiments in a plain and straightforward manner, and leave it to the reader to construct his own patter and to adopt his own method of presentation.

The book is written for advanced students, who, I am sure, are always on the look out for new effects. There is an ever increasing demand for something different in Magic, and I venture to hope that my brother magicians may find some of the “Suggestions” useful.” – Larry Latour

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