Magician’s Changing Chest – Mikame – Schostag Estate


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You’ve Heard the Hype it’s an INSTANT Performable Collectors piece of magic! Mr. Mikame Himself manufactures from start to finish this marvel of magic!

The Magicians Changing Chest will be coveted by Magicians Worldwide the day of release. Priced far less than internet chat room anticipation, with new decorative woodwork and brass fixtures. Precise manufacturing tolerances allow the Mikame Craft Magicians Changing Chest to be a 100% mechanical marvel. The first of its kind mechanism fully eliminates all the unnatural action needed with other Change Boxes. Perform shocking magic with all natural movements.

The most important feature of the Mikame Magicians Changing Chest is you can start your routine with the Lid closed! The flap does not drop by closing or opening the Lid. You can perform unbelievable miracles with this Mikame Craft Original. Even have the spectator open the Lid.

Production and Vanish : Silk appears from an empty chest, then vanishing in the chest!
Switching Effects : Blank paper to money. Card changes. Paper to silk!
Revive : Torn bills, Notes then restored!
Transpositions : Silk in the hand moves into the chest!
Mentalism : Clairvoyance, Predictions, Envelopes etc !

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