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What began as an idea for a “magical” puzzle bracelet from Robbie Willmarth during a lunch with Gay Blackstone and Harriet Jacobson in 2004, evolved into a magical jewelry business. BJW Magical Jewelry is a company specializing EXCLUSIVELY in hand crafted, fine jewelry that is both affordable and interactive! They all agreed on an “all or nothing approach”, all three had to approve an item to be in the line of magically themed jewelry. They developed a “guarantee to please” philosophy from fit to wear on each and every item they carry. Stevens Magic has been selected to be the EXCLUSIVE distributors of BJW Magical Jewelry.

Specifically made for magicians, this is the universal symbol ring that immediately identifies secretly; the person who wears this ring is a magician. That is one reason why this ring is so unique, because only those that “know” know the meaning of this ring (secret society).

In some magic clubs this ring had to be earned and only after the magician passed several tests, was it awarded. In this sense it’s the equivalent of a badge of honor. I remember years ago, Presley Guitar used to make and sell these rings and now they are available again, in the finest of quality materials and craftsmanship from BJW.

The design itself is beautiful and unique, but the added secret meaning and elegant craftsman assures quality. No doubt you will have many layman inquire about this ring when they see it worn, and it’s up to you to explain it’s true meaning or leave it secret like 007!

The ring can be viewed either as, an “M” (for Magicians) or a “W” (for Wizard).

All products are in sterling silver. Turnaround time on  jewelry can be 4 to 6 weeks. Call with measuring details on products! Available in HALF sizes 5-16. Made in sterling silver.

Disclaimer: It is the clients responsibility to provide us with the correct ring size.  These rings are custom made per order, they are not manufactured prior to a confirmed order.  Our experience has been good over they years but we wanted emphasize how important it is for YOU to get the exact and correct ring size. 

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