Magnetic Card Bicycle – BLUE (Two Cards)


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You get TWO strong magnetic cards, which can be used for a variety of card and coin effects. A double thick card that looks like a single card when handled properly, even up close. It contains a very thin yet powerful magnet, that will easily hold steel core quarters and half dollars, or magnetic coins and shell coins.

Magnetic Card

Powerful Sample Effect: The card covers the mouth of a drinking glass. A coin is borrowed and tapped against the card and it visually penetrates the card and falls into the glass. In another effect, a nickel is tapped with the card and it changes into a dime or mini nickel. This is a magical accessory and includes just the magnetic card. Detailed routines can be found in many magic books and DVDs. You provide the coin props for routines.

Remember: you get TWO cards for this price – not just one. This option is for two BLUE Bicycle Poker Size Magnetic Playing Cards. If you are interested in RED colored cards or a combination of the two colors – see the bottom of this product page.

Optional: Metal Shim or Magnetic Coins do not come with this product, but are available at Stevens Magic – see bottom of this page.

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