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Also called the “W” wallet. This is unquestionable the finest himber-style wallet on the market. Each one is hand made by a craftsman in Japan. This is the favorite wallet of Auke Van Dokkum and, in fact, he often uses it in his Tommy Wonder Ring, Watch and Wallets that he produces (also available from Stevens Magic).  The genius of the wallet is the magnetic application that allows the perform to actually hand out the wallet to a spectator and have “them” open the wallet! Think about the subtlety and power of such an act, when you hand the wallet over to a spectator and they open it to reveal what you (the magician) want them too!

Himber wallets are used in their basic application to make money, billets, cards either disappear, appear or change.

Sample Effect: Magician places a piece of paper that has crudely been drawn to resemble a $100 bill, puts it into the wallet, hands it to a spectator and when they open it—it has magically changed into a real $100 bill!

  • This is NOT a Z-Fold Wallet. It’s made from exceptional quality leather.
  • The wallet opens from the same direction. You can even have a spectator open wallet.
  • No sleights required, exceptionally easy to do allowing you to focus on presentation.
  • Dimensions Approximately 4 x 7.25-inches (10cmx 18.5cm). More details are available on our website.

Special thanks to Richard Webster and Neal Scryer for allowing us permission to use one of the effects featured in “Neal Scryer and Friends” book – also available at SME.

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