Magnetic US Half Dollars (SUPER STRONG) by Kreis Magic – SINGLE COIN


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MAXIMUM POWER PK Coin. This is the item that will make you a believer! For years this item sold out at conventions and still will – if it’s demonstrated – and for good reason. The quality of the coins is spectacular!  This is a really a must have item. Even now, supplies don’t keep up with demand and it’s not unusual to have to wait several months to get more in stock.

CONTAINS: ONE SUPER STRONG magnetic coins made from real United States Half Dollars, fit for all your performance needs. Perform various tricks with these amazing magnets.  



Hello! Watch Out! Forget about everything you have ever know, seen or learned in the past – regarding PK Coins.  When you want the absolutely strongest magnetic PK Coins ever – these are them.  Back in the last 1990’s I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kreis in Nagoya, at the UGM Convention.  He gifted me with one of the finest crafted coins I had ever seen. Since that time I have gotten to know Mr. Kreis personally and can say – this man is a “master” at putting together some of the finest gaffed products in the world! This magnetic coin is made from a real United States Half Dollar for all your performance needs. Perform various tricks with this amazing magnet.

Also, we suggest you consider the double coin set – “subject to availability” that comes with a DVD teaching you how to use these coins to perform miracles.  See bottom of this page.

These are the coins you want for Hugo Shelly’s – Sixth Sense 2.5-3.0!  Trust us!

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