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An elegant pedestal is shown along with an ornate tube, a pair of cubes, two golden blades and a mysterious golden meteor ball. The performer then hands everything out for examination and emphasizes that all the pieces are solid. The two cubes are then inserted into the tube; and fully blocking both ends. The meteor ball is then openly dropped into the hole on top of the tube. With absolutely no hesitation, the performer now pushes both cubes fully together crushing the meteor ball. Immediately the golden blades are inserted through slots in the tube, trapping the cubes inside and ensuring that there is no way they can escape! Spectator can then dismantle the tube, and everything can again be examined. To the spectator’s surprise, the meteor ball has completely vanished!

For the finale, the performer can make the Meteor Ball re-appear or completely vanish as he so wishes. A baffling micro illusion! The “vanish” of the sphere in this version is visual and surprising. Several handling/routine options are provided.

The platform measures approximately 11.5cms wide, 7cms high and 7cms deep. Each cube measures approximately 2cms squared. The entire outfit is extremely detailed and each set has been painstakingly and individually hand-crafted by our own exclusive artist.

This is, without question, one of the finest and most exquisitely detailed sets ever produced. The photos really do not do justice to this very elaborate piece of magic apparatus.

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