Marked Breather Deck – Bicycle – Mandolin Back – Red – SME Private Brand


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We have taken the breather deck further – one step beyond – by combing it with a marked deck.  Think of the possibilities!  

Comes with a short video tutorial that shows you how to use it via a download link which is provided to you post purchase.

Imagine – A deck of cards that will make anyone look like an actual seasoned card veteran. This incredible deck held secret by professional gamblers for so long is now available to you.  NOW it is also available in a gamblers marked DECK!

  • Only the Performer can spot the markings on the backs of the cards.
  • Now you have a COMBO Marked Deck + Precision Breather.

The “The Professor” Dai Vernon, knew about this deck and even wrote about it in the Vernon Chronicles. Crafted by Jiro, exclusively for Stevens Magic Emporium, this deck is a fully gaffed one-way card design that allows you to locate a spectators cards in several different ways. Unlike a stripper deck, you can locate the cards through the most subtle of ways in card magic, a cut of the deck. This deck creates a break under the selected card, yes you read that correct this deck does the work for you.  But with this special version you have the ability to also know what card is cut too!  This deck does double-duty.

Jiro combined two stand alone incredible card methods:

  • The little know Breather Deck
  • The gamblers Marked Deck

into ONE DECK.  This product is available ONLY in red back.

This deck is double infused with synergistic qualities!  This could very well be the first time these two powerful methods have been merged into one powerful utility! 

“I’ve never seen a deck like this in all my years of selling gaff cards.” – Joe Stevens

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