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i Title Page
ii Acknowledments
iii Dedication
iv Foreword By Jon Racherbaumer

4 Front Room Finesse
5 The Two-Second Side Steal
11 The 380-Degree Tilt
14 The Bomb Door Card
16 The Marnase Bottom Deal
23 The Hittop Change
26 For Crimp’s Sake

28 New-Wave Cardstuff
29 The Money Card
35 Bite The Bullet
40 Non-Saliva Vanish
47 Vernon Mental Force Handling
50 Barroom Poker
60 False Count Spell

66 Prime Cuts
67 Double Underpeel Cut
69 The Olram Bottom Slip Cut
73 Combi-Null Cuts
78 From The Mind Of A Cardician

85 Classics
86 Devilish Miracle Redux
95 Leipzig Would Have Loved This!
102 A Hull Of A Trick
108 Less Cards Marlo
114 Future Classic Double-Cross

121 Bluff Business
122 A Tasty Bluff Sandwich
123 Bluff Ace-X-Ace
126 Bluff Miracle
129 The Real, Honest-To-God Bluff Cut
131 Second-Hand Bluff Cut

135 Locus-Pocus
136 Impossible?
139 Locus-Pocus

145 Going Mental
146 Nouveau 21-Card Trick
154 Blind Mentalism
158 Tears Without Tears
164 Reading In Triplicate
171 The 27-Card Trick – Streamlined
173 14-14-14 Prediction
176 Self-Locating Predictions

181 Easy Chair Sleights
182 New-Approach Propelled Lapping
188 Direct Lapping Move
197 Screened Propelled Lapping
201 Fake Propelled Lapping

205 More Classics
206 Of Course I Can Deal A Good Poker Hand!
211 A Subtle Triumph
214 The Four Eightses Classic
223 Clearly Oil And Water
232 It’s Only Us Chickens!

237 Over Easy
238 About Facing
241 Subtile Fanover
243 Dressed Up Reverse

247 Classic Palms
248 Wrist Turn Palm
251 Turnover Palm
255 Future Classic Palm

259 More Front Room Finesse
260 The End Tap Pass
265 Topping Thompson’s Pass
267 Convincing Convincer
270 The Roman Pick-Up Control
272 The L-C-M Control
273 The C-S Control

275 Changing (Ex-Changing) Of The Cards
276 Natural Deck Switch
280 Fan Swap-Out
283 Drop-Off Switch
286 Switchout Sidelights

292 Bonus Effects
293 Olram’s Open Prediction
296 The Un-Stapled Cards
301 Latest Observation Test
308 The Smug Departure
312 Tears Without Tears 2
316 Face-Up Poker Deals

318 Envoi

Publisher: D. Robbins
Pages: 317
Location: New York, USA
Dimensions: 7″x10″
Date: 1983
Binding: hardbound

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