Masked – Jeff Bornstien – COMBO featuring AS, 2H, and QH


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Product Description

This Product features the Queen of Hearts! 

You get all 3 Versions, which allows you to repeat this perforamance with a different outcome, at a reduced Value Package Price.

MASKED is a new utility device, perfect for social distancing magic… You can even use it for your virtual shows as an opener, here’s one of the ideas you can do with it: You wear the mask through-out your show, a card is selected and you try to say the card only they cannot hear you, its muffled, you say, “hold on”… You then pull apart the mask to reveal their chosen card… There are a lot of things you can do with MASKED.

Each mask is custom made… MASKED comes in three different forces, AS, 2H or QH… Again, the possibilities are endless. A special thank you to Tony Clark for his creative support.

IMPORTANT: This SKU represents all three mask at a special Combo Value Price. 

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