Master Billet Course – Allen Zingg (Vol #1 – #4)

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This four DVD set is now considered the classic video course in billet work. Covering all major facets of one of the fundamental skills for the serious mentalist, this work makes understanding and learning of billet work natural and easy. With billets, you can perform almost any aspect of mentalism in conditions ranging from impromptu performance to Q&A before the largest of audiences. Because you are ordering it direct from me, you will now be able to purchase the course at extremely affordable prices. No need to be intimidated by this powerful tool any longer.

Peeks & Center Tears: The Classic Center Tear, Millard Longman’s Acidus Novus, Richard Busch’s Billet of El Zorro, Barrie Richardson’s Versatile Billet and Double Billet, plus some other different peek techniques, and a dozen routines showing you how to entertain as well as convince your audience of your abilities. The most popular of the series for many.

Switchwork: My favorite volume of the four as I teach you the natural and easily learned ways to switch billets. Often the most intimidating of the billet techniques for many, you will find that switches are actually very straightforward. The Natural One-Handed Switch “Took my breath away,” said Barrie Richardson, and I was honored to have Barrie feature it in his latest book. Well over a half dozen switches are taught, and eleven routines including the evocative “Drive-In Movie” one of my signature routines.

Jazz Dancing: My continuing development of a one of the most devious peek methods to come along in many years. In addition to many of my original developments, you will be treated to over eight practical routines. In addition, there is an interview with Kenton Knepper on the Five Questions rarely asked, but which will make a great difference in your mentalism performances.

Q&A with Billets: This volume covers multiple methods and approaches to the classic mind-reading major effect, Q&A. You will learn methods for use with very small audiences to those more suitable for larger audiences. The Umbrella Move Unbound, Close Quarters Q&A, Stand-Up Q&A, Holiday Q&A, Close-Up Fourth Dimensional Telepathy, Sealed Message Q&A–and the single new technique that bowled over many of the top pro’s, the R.U. Switch. If you learn nothing more than that, this volume would be worth it!

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