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Get the audience involved. Master Card Prediction is like a horse race where the audience knows what s happening yet its completely mystifying how you do it. Two different endings are possible depending on weather you’re more magically or mentalist oriented. The audience helps in “Round Robbin” style. This is fun and keeps the action moving.

Effect: A prediction, a regular pack of cards and a custom made display stand are shown. “We will mix the cards three times” states the magician. A volunteer genuinely shuffles a pack of Bicycle cards. Nine cards are individually dealt onto the display stand as volunteers individually call out colors (no forces). “The cards have been shuffled and dealt once. To further mix them, the cards will be redealt, as directed by volunteers”. The magician continues “We have shuffled and dealt the cards twice… let s do it one more time…. You must admit, no one knows the identies of these cards. In a separate process all but one card will be removed.” Volunteers are asked to individually call out various colors and the cards on those colors are discarded (no tricky business or forces) until one card remains. The prediction is opened and the card matches.
The deck of cards is shown again and all the cards are different.

To recap: This is a really fun routine that moves along nicely. Magicians choice is not used at any time. Non gimmicked cards are used. The cards are mixed and dealt three separate
times. Cards are discarded by the audience & the single remaining card matches. The audience will sit up and applaud.

We supply. Bicycle cards, an altered card box, the special display board, gimmick and very good instructions written after several performances. You will perform Master Card Prediction in ten minutes no matter your skill level. The Master Card Prediction will leave a lasting impression on your audience because they will easily follow the action & have no idea how you do it. This is professional magic for anyone who wants to really entertain and amaze an audience.

We have also included instructions for two additional endings allowing you to customize your performance weather you re a magician or mentalist!

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