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Important Pen shown in photo subject to change. Photo for illustration purposes, project is subject to slight variations in looks.

These are the “good” ones! The performer (that’s you), displays a paper match box with a central hold that passes completely through the box. He states that this was designed to hold one match at the ready. Putting action to words, the performer passes a wooden match through the hole and out the bottom of the box. He now asks the spectator if he thinks he can pass the match through the hole in the box. As hard as he may try, the match will not pass through the other side of the box. The match box is now handed to the spectator who finds that it is unusually heavy. When he opens the box, he finds the interior completely filled with a SOLID BRASS BLOCK!

The mystery is how the performer was able to pass the wooden match through the box with this solid brass block in the way… They call it MAGIC!

No switch of nay kind. Self-contained. Block weighs approximately 4 ounces. Complete with detailed instructions along with a variation routine by George Robinson, Jr.

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