Match-Stick Magic – Puzzle Games and Conjuring Tricks by Will Blyth


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Part I: Puzzles
Dividing The Inheritance
Boy Scouts’ Bridge
Doubling The Area
Twin Triangle Puzzle
Four Triangle Puzzle
Nothing To Remain
Shakespearean Quotation
Match Manufacture
Removing The Middle
Evens To Odd
Tantalising Addition
Alternative Method Of Presentation
Easy Multiplication
Subtle Subtraction
Singular Subtraction
Twenty-Five From Six
Six-Five Puzzle
Half Of Twelve
Four Formation
Three And A Half Dozen
Ten From Nine
Matchstick On The Plate
Counting The Cross
Five By Count
Matchstick Catch
One-Square Puzzle
Two-Square Puzzle
Three-Square Puzzle
Five To Three
Five To Four
Six-Square Puzzle
Six From Six Leaves Two
Seven-Square Puzzle
Eight From Fifteen
Eight-Square Puzzle
Nine-Square Puzzle
Nine Squares To Five
Outlining The Squares
Geometrical Nine
The “Diangle” Puzzle
Five-Diamond Puzzle
Another Five-Diamond Puzzle
Squares And Triangles
More Squares And Triangles
Five-Triangle Puzzle
Counting The Squares
Four In Line
“One Shall Be Left”
German Prisoners’ Hut
Part II: Scientific And Constructional Experiments
Three-Way Bridge
Four-Way Bridge
All Together
Which End First?
Firework Frame
Lifting The Tripod
The Animated Matchsticks
Removing The Support
The Unsupported Bridge
The Intersecting Point
Middle Measurement
Upright Elongation
Tracing The Course
Length Versus Breadth
Judging The Distance
Unsquaring The Square
Transformed Star
Releasing The Coin
Matchstick Capillarism
Shooting Stars
Part III: Table Games
Spots And Squares
Matchstick Board Game
No Pairs Allowed
Escaping From Germany
Three In Line
Four-Way Game
Five-Line Game
The Twenty Game
Black Versus White
Transferring In Twos
Matchstick Circle Transfer
Crossing The Points
Straights And Crosses
Fifteen Matchstick Game
Majority Matchstick Game
Matchstick Models
The Farmer’s Four Donkeys
Part IV: Conjuring
Broken Matchstick Restored
“You May Smoke, Gentlemen”
Matter Through Matter
Matchstick Magnetism
Easy Magic
The Vanishing Matchstick
Inexplicable Matchstick Vanish
The Inseparable Three
Balloon And String
Can You Count Ten?
Interlocking Matchsticks
Elijah’s Matchbox
Edge Dropping
Mesmerized Matchsticks
Matchstick Divination
Always On Top
Travelling By Wireless

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