Matchbox Penetration Sideshow Edition


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We got a limited number of this classic brass magic miracle with a wonderful facelift and fell in love with the design of the matchbox.  It’s the perfect improvement to the classic and adds a synergistic punch to an already mind-blowing effect.

Effect: Magician produces a wood toothpick and a matchbox with a carnival sideshow design. The magicians claims that inside the matchbox are wood matches and the object is to take the toothpick and see if it can penetrate through first the cardboard matchbox and the many wood matches and through the bottom of the matchbox. Not an easy feat – but sure enough the magician executes it with amazing competence and dexterity.

The audience is moderately impressed at best and so the magician states, “Wait when you see how many matches are packed inside this matchbox I think you will will be more impressed.” He invites a spectator to hold both hand out, palms open together. Next the magicians pushes the toothpick all the way through the matchbox sets the toothpick down and then turns the matchbox over and starts to slowly slide it open. At any moment the participant is expecting a large volume of single wood matches to fall into their palm – but instead miraculously a solid heavy brass block that occupies the entire area of the match box falls into their open palms?


  • It doesn’t get any cleaner than this.
  • The side-show themed box adds substantially to the effect.
  • No skill required.
  • No sleight of hand.
  • A self-working miracle.
  • Comes with both professionally illustrated instructions as well as a link to a video tutorial for those not already familiar.

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