Mathieu Bich From Close-Up Magic (DVD)

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This DVD, directed by Jean-Luc Bertrand is a fantastic compilation of some of Mathieu Bich’s most incredible effects.

Watch and learn as you see one of France’s finest magicians in action! EFFECTS INCLUDED: Alu, Perrier, Burnt, The Force, Heat, Strike It, Double Club, -Re-Post It, Technicolor, Leverage and Fickle BONUS: Thinner, Stretching and Erazed WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: ‘Mathieu is one of France’s greatest treasures. When I visited Paris I was fortunate to witness Mathieu’s brilliance. He fooled me with cutting edge methods and effects. The last time I felt this way was when I worked with Gaetan Bloom at the legendary Brooke Farm Inn of Magic. Gaetan showed me new gems every night we worked together. That was twenty years ago. It was the same experience with Mathieu. Night after night
he kept blowing me away. Don’t miss your chance to witness his material. You will feel the same feelings I did. Amazement, wonder and I guarantee you be shaking your head when Mathieu tips his phenomenal methods.

‘He’s destined to be recognized as one of magic’s best thinkers.” –Bob Kohler

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