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Shawn Farquhar is without question one of the most sought after performers in magic, he is a true artist that captures the essence and core of the total package. He has the amazing skill, true ability to connect with anyone, especially the audience, yet remains a humble man who anyone would enjoy spending time with.  Watching him perform is a case study in showmanship, and just a few of his recent awards include but are not limited to:

  • 2009 Grand Prix World Champion of Magic
  • 2009 World Champion of Card Magic

Now you can also perform some of Shawn’s reputation makers – including Matrix Express (which he will teach you personally on the DVD instructional).

The custom made special gimmick will enable “you” to perform Shawn’s jaw dropping “Matrix” routine. Even better, there are a multitude of other effects and tricks you can perform using the same gimmick, including but not limited to “Photo Finish.” The Matrix routine alone is worth the price as it comes directly from his award winning Close Up show.

Effect: Four poker chips travel in the blink of an eye. If you have seen Shawn’s lecture you know he has over a dozen other effects that use this same gimmick (with some creative application you can come up with your own unique routines as well). As an added bonus you will get four special Poker chips and two photographs so you can perform Photo Finish too!

Everything you need to know is explained on the instructional DVD that is included in this one price! Those of you who are familiar with Stevens Magic, know our mission is only to provide our elite customers with the best!  These effects certainly qualify and in fact, we at SME encourage you to review other items available from Shawn Farquhar here at Stevens Magic. 

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