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Back In Stock: No, this isn’t a book. It’s a card trick. But what a card trick! One of the best-selling, most popular card tricks of the past decade! B’Wave has baffled princesses and presidents, and is used by professionals throughout the world. Four cards supply three stunning punches! Someone decides on any queen.

The four cards are cleanly spread on the table – the only face-up card is the chosen queen! Then you turn it over – its back is a different color from the other cards! As final proof that you knew positively which queen would be named, you turn over the other three cards – they are all blank! No sleights, no rough & smooth, no extra cards, just pure mind-boggling magic!

Max Maven created a sensation when he released his original “B’Wave.” Practically every magician on the planet owns one, carries it and uses it. Since that time many have created variations but this classic version has stood the test of time and is still the best.

You display four Jumbo blue-backed cards (said to be four queens). A spectator selects one of the queens. The named queen is shown to be the only one that is face up. It is also the only one with a red back. To everyone’s amazement the other three cards are shown to be blank.

The cards supplied are the traditional Jumbo size and are suitable for both close-up and stage. Great for emcees, mentalists, magicians, children’s entertainers, well just about everyone!

Can be learned in seconds. No sleight-of-hand required. Self-working.

Comes complete with four specially constructed Cheetah Back Jumbo (7″ x 4.5″) cards and illustrated instructions.

Phil Goldstein’s B’Wave.  BWAVE.  Phil Goldstein

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